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Hudson's advertises 50% to 70% off store wide and then makes up retail priced writes it on a big tag and then cuts them in half. It looks good but is a blatant lie.

The bottom line is the price is the same as it would be anywhere and you DO NOT get anything special. There is no suggested retail price set by the manufacture. This is just a big scam. Don't believe it.

There should be a law against this practice and the Hudson family should be held accountable for their lies and unethical business practices. BEWARE!!!

A good deal is only a state of mind. Do your research before buying.

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This was our experience. We were looking at a dresser marked $1,000.

The rest of the set was marked 50% off, but the dresser wasn't. I assumed it was just a mistake, and I asked our saleswoman if it would be $500. Oh, my no! she responded.

We have to mark it up before I can take the 50% off, she explaned. Off she goes to the office, and then comes back and tells me that it would be $1800, less 50% or $900.

So, 1/2 off a $1,000 dresser would be $900.

We just walked away, and went to Baer's in Sarastoa instead. This store just made me feel slimy.

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