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This company is unethical. Let me explain why. If you order a new piece of furniture chances are you will receive a used piece. If it does not arrive at your house in the original factory box, it was a returned item. I have seen them fix completely damaged items and ship it to the customer as new. I have seen them ship furniture that was previously owned as new. The customer is not aware the furniture was damaged or previously returned.

The delivery teams are trained to hide any damaged areas so the customer are not aware until it is to late. Their trailers are filthy and leak when it rains. If the furniture damage cannot be fixed or the customer saw damage during delivery, the furniture is brought back to the warehouse, fixed and shipped out to the next customer as a new piece. They will keep reshipping the refurbished furniture until someone takes it.

When I walked through the warehouse all I could hear is Nig** this and Nig** that. I never heard so many racial slurs in my life, complete lack of respect for anyone. When I looked down at one of the departments I saw mattresses with urine, mold and god knows what against furniture that was send back and going out. In the beginning of the tour, one delivery team member looked like he just got out of prison. The company should think about their appearance and have people hide their prison tattoos.

Remember this:

1. If you order anything at all, have it delivered in the original factory box unopened. If it is damaged, make sure the replacement is delivered in an unopened factory box. If not, you’re getting a refurbished piece at new customer price.

2. Inspect the piece within three days. Look at the corners. If the gloss, color or the lines does not look right…return it. Corners and legs are not most common places for damage.

3. Most of the pieces like Riverside, Cortina Collection and others will state “Quality Wood” it is not wood. Almost every thing you see is foam injected or pressed cardboard. It is very misleading. It will look and feel like wood but it is not wood.

4. Know what to pay. Take the highest marked price and take 70% away. That is what the Hudson’s paid for the piece. Negotiate from there.

5. If you buy the warranty make sure everything they tell you is in the contract. They will say anything but will not honor anything if it is not in writing.

Good luck…..

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of employee experience. Hudsons Furniture needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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My name is Noah Erickson and I am the regional manager for Hudsons Furniture. Please contact me at as I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about this experience you had with us. We strive for great customer service as we take all and every complaint very seriously.

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